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[Please Help] The PDF generated was upside down

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Thanks for the sample files. Not all present the problem, but for the ones that indeed show inverted I have it now fixed.
One workaround that do work with your PDFs is changing the page orientation to portrait, because internally theses PDF pages really have a portrait orientation, but with an additional 90 degree rotation that the code was not taking into account.

Okay I got the point. The PDF looks like "Landscape" but actually they are actually "Portrait" while the PDFrizator tries to change it into "Landscape".

I have attached two screen dumps for your reference.

1.) if I preview the PDF files before loading all the thumbnails, most PDF pages will look "Portrait" in thumbnails and correct "Landscape" in the viewer. Indeed, loaded pages will look "Landscape" in thumbnails and inverted "Landscape" in the viewer.

2.) if I preview the PDF files after loading all the thumbnails, all PDF pages will look "Landscape" in thumbnails and inverted "Landscape" in the viewer.

Hope it helps  :P

I noticed that too. It happens because in the GUI the initial page orientation is determined by the thumbnail image w/h ratio, and here the thumbnail already has the 90 degrees applied. The code that generates the PDF, if the page orientation has not been determined yet, calculates that orientation inspecting the PDF page media box itself, and that way it works. But this second method can't be used if the GUI already provides an orientation, because user may have changed it.
But all this is, thanks to your report and sample files, now fixed, so in the next release it will be a non-issue. Meanwhile you just need to manually assign the portrait orientation to all these PDF internally rotated pages. ;)

Thanks for all the details. You mean the thumbnails of the internally Portrait PDF has the 90 degrees applied after it is fully loaded in the GUI, thus the generator will not determine the orientation as it was defined in GUI, right?
Just curios why the generated PDF was inverted when the thumbnail shown in GUI was correctly placed.  :-\

The thumbnail shows correctly, and a landscape orientation is evident, but internally the reality is portrait orientation with a 90 degree rotation. The code was assuming the user wanted to force a landscape orientation, not realizing the final result was already landscape, because the 90 degree rotation was not being considered. The inverted result is a particularity of the buggy code.


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