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[PLEASE HELP] I found an error of PDFrizator

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Thank you for your amazing work! PDFrizator is a great and easy tool for me to edit my PDF files.

However, I got an error when I perform the "rotate" function. The function does not work and returns back to "0 (degree)" even if I choose other angles from the drop-down list.
Attached please find the screen dump for your reference. Thousands thanks in advance!


is it because the drop-down list cannot display the "ยบ" symbol?????
help  :'(

That seems to be the problem.
I have tested here, setting the Windows language for non-Unicode programs to Chinese, and I get the same behavior you describe.
Apply the attached patch, to fix the issue.

 ;D it works!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for your prompt reply! Again, it is a great piece of work and your hardwork is undoubtedly worthly  :)

btw just want to know how you can figure out the cause so quickly! How do u know i am a Chinese  ??? my email address or IP or anything else  ???


--- Quote ---How do u know i am a Chinese  my email address or IP or anything else 
--- End quote ---
Because of your accent ;D

Joking apart, the screenshot you attached clearly indicate your Windows is configured with a Chinese codepage, so I used the same, supposed, configuration, and got the same problem you reported. This don't tell you are Chinese, and I don't tell that either in my reply.
Even so, digging a little more, you posted from a Hong Kong IP,  the username you used can be tracked to some Chinese forums, the email address you entered is yahoo.com.hk and pops up also in a Chinese Facebook page. :) Even so, all this don't tell you are Chinese, but if I have to bet... :)


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