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Windows Explorer crash always in the same directory

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Hello, I experience an issue always in the same directory which led Explorer.exe to crash.
I have a 3 files report generated by windows which may be useful.
What should I do to help you ?

I am able to isolate the files which makes Explorer crash when PDF-ShellTools is running too.
PDF version is 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x). Hope this help you handle this.

For instance, this file will make my Explorer crash : http://www.cercleinfographie.be/asbl/2009-2010/SiteWeb/FactureSiteWeb200102011.pdf
I have several other files from this provider and all crashes.
I think this could be useful to you.

Thanks for the sample file.
Indeed it is crashing the last public version, but I have this bug already fixed here, so expect it to be fixed also in the new version release I'm preparing.

Perfect !


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