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Filter range for Numeric Custom Field / Property Handler

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First, I'd like to say PDF-ShellTools is very useful and time saver !
To make it perfect to me, I have several suggestions to make.
Here is the third (and most complex) one :
- Could a Double type Custom Field be filtered in Detail view by (automatic) range ?
I have a custom fields 'Amount'. It would be perfect to be able to filter file by ranges (like : 0-100 ; 100-200 ; 200-500 ; Up 500).
The range could be computed automatically or (at least) be configured in settings.

I suppose it would be something as used for the system.size, but until now, and playing with the typeInfo groupingRange attribute and displayInfo.enumeratedList.enumRange, I found only a way to crash the Shell!!
Let me know if you have more success.

Same for me here ! Impossible to make groupingRange, enum and enumRange working properly...

Seems typeInfo type = UInt64 only, no ?

I am now able to make enum & enumRange work.
However, when I set typeInfo groupingRange from "Discrete" to "Enumerated" and try to filter, Explorer still crashes.


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