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Date only Custom field Type


First, I'd like to say PDF-ShellTools is very useful and time saver !
To make it perfect to me, I have several suggestions to make.
Here is the second one :
- Could a new Type for Custom fields exists : Date (only), as in my case, Time is really not relevant.


The Windows property system don't has this "Date only" data type, but there is a way to hide the time part, inserting the next line
<displayInfo><dateTimeFormat formatTimeAs="HideTime"/></displayInfo>
to the respective custom field <propertyDescription> node, in the file PDFShellTools.propdesc, that you will find where the program is installed, and re-register this file using the technique explained here

But it's more handy to do it from the manager, so I will add this data type to the next version

Great news !


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