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Localization of 'Add new data' in Details pane

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First, I'd like to say PDF-ShellTools is very useful and time saver !
To make it perfect to me, I have several suggestions to make.
Here is the first one :
- Could 'Add new data' in Details pane be localized ?

For the Windows defined properties, such as Title, Tags, etc., that message is provided by Windows itself, so using the Windows defined language. For the PDF-ShellTools specific, and custom defined, properties, that message is provided by the PDF-ShellTools defined language.
Some PDF-ShellTools interface localization files are not full updated to the last version, such as the French, so I supposed that's why you don't see that message localized in your chosen language. To fix it, you just need to add that entry to the French.lng file, and reset the selected PDF-ShellTools interface language, using the manager.

How can I edit the language file ? When I try the write the file after modification it says the file is opened by another program.
And I don't know how to properly shut down PDF-Shelltools.

With the manager, temporary select another language.
Or, write it with another name, e.g MyFrench.lng. Later you can select it from the Manager. This is also the best option to later don't lose the file due to an update. But it's better if you share your update ;)

Make also sure you are running the text editor, or the tool you are using to edit the file, with administrator rights, or you will not be able to save into that folder. Or save first to a work folder, and later copy/move the file.

Regarding this specific "'Add new data" text. You could also edit the PDFShellTools.propdesc file, after you have all your custom fields defined, and change the "invitationText" attribute of the <labelInfo> node, for each of the fields. This way you can set a specific message, more related to the field content.
After edit, you just need to re-register it. You will find instructions on how to do it in the header of that file.

Thank you for your answer.
Indeed, editing the invitationText string is the best.
However, I can't manage to make this work as the file is overwritten by the program even if I do the re-register thing.
Can't it be made editable in the settings in a future version ?


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