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are there any experiences on running the PDF Shell-Tools on a Multi User environment like MS Terminal Server 2008 R2 (64bit) and Citrix XenAPP 6.0 ???


I'm not used to these systems, so can't give you much help. Maybe someone else reading this can, but it's probably better if you ask at a Citrix, or MS, related support forum. But what is exactly the problem?
- The PDF-ShellTools integration in the Windows Shell is provided by a custom DLL Shell extension, that provides a in-process server for each of the handlers (right-click menu handler, drop handler, properties handler, etc.).
- PDF-ShellTools must be installed, and registered in the Windows registry, by user.
- The command line interface acts as a stand alone application, even if the Shell extensions aren't registered.

If you can deploy, in such a system, a tool as the well known WinZip, and have its Shell integration functionalities at the clients, then the same can be done with PDF-ShellTools.


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