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Quick-Paste also for "Filename"


When I try to copy some text, the very useful quick-paste window opens.
There I can decide between a lot of fields but I miss the "filename" field to quick-paste the filename information.

I can add it, but, IMHO, the best method to rename the file is to fill the metadata fields with the content we want to use to compose the new filename, and then, after we have all the files we want to process that way done, run them through the batch rename tool.
This way we fill the metadata fields with relevant information, useful for easy file management, and that will not change, even if file is renamed again.

There is also the "Auto Rename on Metadata Change" quick edit assistant, that you can use to run the rename tool when the metadata changes. You just need to enter the Quick Info Edit mode, and enable this assistant in the Quick Edit Assistants manager

Normally it is a very easy way to fill a metadata field with the content and then to use the batch rename tool.
But this way does not work when I need to modify the content of one meta-field.

For example:
The Field "Author" contains the following content: "M. Ataka, Y. Ueno, Y. Fukazawa, M. Yamaguchi"
Now I would like to cut all the information after the first "," to get a new field with the content "M. Ataka".

In my opinion the only way to automize that task is to use a scripting functionality which will be part of the next versions of PDFExplorer.
The way to do that operation presently is to mark manually the first name of that field and then to paste it into the filename, MANUALLY.

I'm going to add the possibility to access the grid dynamic calculated columns content in the Rename and Edit Info Fields batch tools.
The grid dynamically calculated columns have a kind of scripting functionality, so it will be very easy to achieve what you pretend.
In your case, a dynamically calculated column with the next script:

--- Code: ---begin
var 'i' end;
if $i>0 then

--- End code ---

Could then be used in the file rename expression referencing it with [D#], where # must be replaced by the index of this dynamically calculated column
e.g. [T]-[D1], will result in a file renamed with the Title + the content of the dynamic calculated column 1, and that is the result of our script.

This feature will be included in the Build 59 Patch 3.

Thank you very much for your support !!!!! :)


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