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Request: Save G4 images as TIF


The Image-Extraction Option "When possible, use images internal file format" is great to get unmodified jpgs out of the PDF.
It would be much more helpfull, if it detects G4-TIFFs too. (FilterType=="CCITTFaxDecode"), this would improve output size damatically.
JAZZFAKE.PDF has 40.185.734 Bytes
=== AS-BMP === (will give the tenfold size :( )
   2 .jpg    1.239.812 bytes
 446 .bmp  471.289.092 bytes
=== AS-PNG === (is already quite good, but still not the original files)
   2 .jpg    1.239.812 bytes
 446 .png   43.312.693 bytes
=== AS-TIFF === (with my own script, quite unbeatable :) :)  )
   2 .jpg    1.239.807 bytes
 446 .tif   21.874.766 bytes
I will test this gladly, if you implement it.

Yep, definitively something that I need to look at. Can you share your script? :)


--- Quote from: RTT on December 06, 2009, 12:01:57 PM ---Can you share your script? :)
--- End quote ---
Well, to tell the truth, it's not my script :-[ , I got it from a good friend of mine . I will ask him to share it  ;D


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