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Testing 1.5.059 Beta2 - Problems with folders with attribute: hidden


Testing 1.5.059 Beta2
Problems with folders with attribute: hidden

DiskTree will not display hidden folders - that is in general also ok but problem is:

When PDFE is opened with right mouse click and "open with" function on file that is in hidden folder,
PDFE will open and load all files in that folder but DiskTree will not display that folder, it will stop displaying path before first hidden folder if there are more of them.

Typically in this case folder location is: C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\Folder1\Folder2

Only folder "User Name" is hidden but DiskTree will display path only to C:\Documents and Settings and it will display all not hidden subfolder of that folder but not folder that is actually open.

Version 1.5.058 display full path of open files even it some folders in the path are hidden.

After using batch conversion on some files in hidden folder it is not possible to switch back to PDF Info Mode probably because of DiskTree don't handle hidden folders.

Only way is to close the PDFE, again open it with right click, and open with menu.

Solution could be change it as it was in previous version or add option to settings to display hiden folders or both.

In this new version I'm using a more advanced ShellTree control, to make PDFE Windows 7 compatible, and forgot to set that "show hidden folders" option, breaking previous versions behavior, as you pointed out.
Now that I'm tweaking this, I'm taking the chance to updated also this behavior, in order to follow what is set in the Windows Shell configuration. If  "Show Hidden Files and Folders" option is set, PDFE will show hidden folders too, if not, they will not be visible. Just in case a not experienced user try to figure out what folders are those that appear in PDFE, and he can't find on the Shell itself :)

However, there is still problem how PDFE will behave if I open the PDFE with "open with" function in different file manager (Total commander etc.), there are many users who do not use Windows explorer and do not care what settings are set in windows shell.

I would really welcome previous version behaviour that mean if I open the file in PDFE with "open with" function PDFE should show me the folder path.

Anyone who use Total Commander, the first thing he does after installing Windows is to configure these Shell options and make visible all folders and system protected files. Total Commander don't handle Open and Save dialogs from other tools.

Anyway, I have found another glitch in my approach, related to the way the metadata scan routine handle these hide folders, when scanning in through sub-folders mode. Code don't check for folders attributes, and I don't want to add one more delay, so Hide and System Folders visible to all, as in previous versions.


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