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NewbieQuestion...can ShellTools split + rename/add internal page number to filen

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Ok, thanks,  now it's clear.  :)
Your offer to send some PDFs put me wondering if I was missing something. I suppose if your files already split OK with current version will continue to split well with this new custom defined filename functionality.
Even so, and if you want to be sure, you can send me a sample. I like to test the tools with as many PDFs I can get.

Regarding release date, I really don't know, this split tool with this new feature will go out first with a new PDF Explorer version. Only after, I will start to work in a new PDF-ShellTools release.


This project has now come back up and I would like to know if you are still interested in testing some of our specific multipage pdfs? If so, do you have an ftp site to which I can upload these files? Send me an email with connecting info (to roger at jsmccarthy dot com) or send me an email with your email address and I send you an url to our ftp site. (I just don't want to post ftp info into the forum.) thanks, Roger

Hi Roger,
You can get my contact email addresses from some of the rttsoftware site pages, program about box, and user's guide. Even so, I've just now send you an email. I'm looking forward to test the split tool new file name composition feature with your files. ;)


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