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Is it possible to deploy the PDF-ShellTools via a Software Deployment tool? There for the Software must support unattended installation and it would be nice to have an MSI Packet.

You can easily use the installer command line parameters to run it in unattended mode.
The installer is a inno setup compiled file and you can check the supported command line parameters here:

You can log a generic install settings, if you want to change the default install options, using the /SAVEINF="filename" and later replay it unattended with the /LOADINF="filename" /VERYSILENT /NORESTART parameters.

If you really need a msi package, you can easily repack the files and write your one install script.  I'm not used to msi scripting, or tools related, but the install process is very simple.
I only permit this repack for registered users. If this is the case, you are a registered user, send me a PM, or email message, and I can generically teach the needed steps to install it so you can create your one msi package.

We purchased PDFShellTools yesterday and are even interested in deploying it. It is possible to get the the msi file? I'm not able to send you an private message or email.


Hi Michael,
As you can read in my above reply, I don't have an .msi file, but I can explain to you what are the steps needed to properly install the program. But you will have to create the msi file yourself,  because I don't know, right now, almost nothing about the msi format or editors.
If you are used to msi files creation, it will be a easy task. Just drop me a line, if you are interested.
And what is that you can't mail me?!! I have the email addresses, here in the forum, protected, but my email address is all over the place. The PDF-ShellTools manager about box, the user's guide, rttsoftware site pages, and even the email address used to send the license email will reach me.


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