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Merge different file types into a new pdf file


Amador Garcia:
This product would be great if you could merge different file types into a new pdf file. For example merge a tiff file with a PDF.

Let me know if you ever add this fuctionality.

The development of a Scan2PDF functionality is already in the PDF Explorer TODO list, and soon I will take a look at it.
I'm sure I will be able to reuse code and add this functionality to PDF-ShellTools, as the tool will be able to acquire images directly from Twain sources, but also use already available image files.
At least, merge to/create PDF from raw image files will be a possibility this code will help to develop.

Done ;), the new PDF-ShellTools v1.0 build 10, now online, has the functionality to merge, insert, or append, not only other PDFs pages but also .bmp, .png, .jpg, and multi-page .gif and .tiff images.
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