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Stamp with user, date and time


Good Morning from France.
I am evaluating your product.
My feature request is to add dynamic stamps with date, time, user, ....
This will be usefull to approve invoices for example.

Another request is to add scripts in context menu to put stamp then move to another folder.
Thanks and sorry for my english.

Hi Pierre,
Dynamic stamp object is on the forge and goes out with next release.
Time, Date, Page and Bates numbers are all dynamic examples but "user" ?!! About what "user" are you talking about, Windows logged user name?

--- Quote from: Pierre ---add scripts in context menu to put stamp then move to another folder
--- End quote ---
Please explain better what functionality you pretend, I'm not getting the idea. :(
Check this PDF-ShellTools forum thread with a Stamp functionality extension example, using batch tools and the command line interface. Read further in the thread, the beginning is related to something else.

Yes I am talking about logged name user.
I have read the thread, and my need is pdf-shell tools with this enhancement to put dynamic stamps.
Any date for next release ? Beta ?

OK, logged user name now added to the list of dynamic text objects, and is working nicely. ;)
There is also a special dynamic text object that call external application/scripts, passing to them, as parameter, the filename, and use for stamp text the returned text output. With it users will be able to easily extended the dynamic text stamp possibilities.

Sorry but I can't give you an accurate new version release date because I don't know myself. End of month, beginning of next...
Sometimes I release beta versions to registered, and very participative, users who submitted a feature request/enhancement so they can help me testing/polish it, but never as trialware.
If you can't wait for the new release, and you need to rapidly find another solution, thank you very much for passing by and share your ideas. ;)

Done, the new PDF-ShellTools v1.0 build 10, now online, updated stamp tool comes with a dynamic text stamp object, able to stamp the Date, Time, Page number, Bates numbers, and External Applications text output.
PDF-Stamp/Watermark user's guide topic

Check also for what's is also new in this release.


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