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Batch tool - Edit Info Fields bug


PDF Explorer Version 1.5.58 - Patch 2

-in PDF Info mode
-Select some files
-Select Batch Tools - Edit info fields
-Select some field, e.g. Keywords to enter text
-Select one of last used expression (e.g. there is string "aaaa bbbb cccc dddd")
-If you try to edit this expression so that there will stay beginning of one of last used expression the same
(remove dddd - result should be "aaaa bbbb cccc") program will always add part "dddd"

The same happens when you will try create new expression and use beginnings of one
of expression stored in last used expressions.
In our example when you want use text "aaaa" program will always add part "bbbb cccc dddd"

It is not possible to use part "aaaa" as long as "aaaa something" stay in last used memory.
But this memory is not possible to clear as it is possible for this memory in PDF Info mode.
You have to use few new expressions to remove text "aaaa something" from this memory.

Fixed. It will go out with the, almost ready, Patch 3.
Thanks for mention it ;)


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