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When I use Password Security functionality in my PDF file - it becomes unusable.
The password is working. While opening the document the certail prompt appear. But there are only blank pages instad of expected content.

I testet several encryption and compatibility levels but effect almost always the same - blank pages after opening with password.

This 'almost' is for when I set encyption only to attachements I can see the content but the colors are somekid inverted.

I'm using Vista and Adobe Reader 8.

Any suggesions?

If possible, please send me, email attachment or download link, a sample of these pdf files, before adding password security, so I can check what's going on.

Original file:
h t t p : / / i t a k a . h o m e . p l / p l a k a t / b e f o r e . p d f

Files after applying security & encryption
Open password: xyz

h t t p : / / i t a k a . h o m e . p l / p l a k a t / a f t e r . p d f
h t t p : / / i t a k a . h o m e . p l / p l a k a t / a f t e r 2 . p d f

Indeed there's a problem with the code, now, thanks to you, fixed. ;)
Thank you very much for your assistance.

So, we are waiting for new release :)


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