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PDF Shell Tools Improvement for Vista


It would be a great feature to enable the PDF info fields to be viewed in the Vista Explorer Details pane whenever a PDF file is selected. The details pane is the bit at the bottom of the explorer folder. It would also be great if the PDF info fields could be selected for column headers in Vista's explorer folders.

The Shell integration depends on code not developed by me. The EasyNSE components don't include yet the new Windows Vista Shell Handlers, in particular, for this two ideas, the new Property Handler, so we have to wait until the EasyNSE author add the needed handler interface.
I'm waiting also for this interface, the property handler is one of the good Vista enhancements. ;)

Done, the new PDF-ShellTools v1.0 build 10, now online, has a Windows Vista Property Handler, enabling viewing and editing standard, and custom defined, metadata items from the Vista Explorer Details, and Full Details, panes. PropertyHandler user's guide topic

Check also for what is also new in this release


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